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  • My Time at Portia
    My Time at Portia is game where the player becomes part of the game. Such game can be enjoyed by every demographic. The calming atmosphere shows that this game is a great iyashikei experience!
  • 9 -nine- Episode 1
    9 -nine- episode 1 presents a thrilling supernatural mystery as Users distort the world. It is up to a trio to try take back the Artifacts causing the distortion and restore the order of the world.
  • The Expression Amrilato
    What’s it like to love someone without understanding her expressions? The Expression Amrilato captures a beautiful romance separated by language barrier in a well-written plot between Rin and Ruka.
  • Love’s Sweet Garnish
    With top-tier artwork, Love’s Sweet Garnish is an adorable visual novel featuring cute heroines you’ll fall in love on. You can’t miss out Rira and Richer in this short romance/slice-of-life VN.
  • Japanese School Life
    The lack of plot makes Japanese School Life slightly disappointing. If you like romance titles, this VN is not for you. Nevertheless, it is a great VN for those interested in Japanese culture.